Saturday, May 30, 2009

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

I have so many ideas for items that I want to create but there just isn't enough time in the day. I try not to spend too much time sewing during the day so that we can have family time and I so that I can force myself out of the house. I usually wait till the kids are in bed before I disappear into my sewing room but then it's late and I'm tired. I really wanted to work on something tonight but I am just too tired to think. So I am doing my 2nd favorite thing, surfing the net!

I have a few different projects in progress that I hope to finish in the next few weeks. One is my daughter's twin size quilt. This would have been done a month ago, if I didn't pick such a detailed quilting pattern for each of the blocks. It will look great when it's done but man am I regretting that choice of a quilting pattern. I am also working on a lap quilt for a friend. The quilt top is pieced together, now I am waiting on photos to applique onto the quilt top so this project is currently on hold.

Here is a list of things that I would like to begin but need to find more time in each day:
  1. Toothfairy pillows that I'll add to my Etsy shop
  2. Reverse applique t-shirts for Maddie
  3. Decorative pillow to match the new quilt for Maddie (with her name appliqued on it)
  4. Create my own pattern for a purse/tote for my Etsy site
  5. Summer dress for myself
  6. Summer tanktops for myself

If anyone can figure out either how to clone themselves or how to function without sleep please let me know!

Items on Etsy!

I am so excited I finally finished a few items and have posted them for sale on Etsy! I will be adding new items constantly so please check back often. I love to do custom requests, feel free to send me an email with your ideas.

On a seperate note, I have decided to create a video tutorial and will post it on my blog in the next few weeks. The first tutorial will be on "How to Make a Pillow Cover with an Envelope Back". Feel free to send me ideas for additional tutorials.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Re-Arranging the Sewing Room

I have come to the realization that my sewing room has way too much stuff in it. Between the cutting table, sewing machine table, computer desk, ironing board, leather sofa and folding table (that is not folded), I am lucky I can squeeze in their to get any work done.

My plan is to have Amvets pick up the old sofa in the family room so I can move the leather sofa out of the sewing room and into the family room. After all, even though the leather sofa is about 4 years old, it has only been sat on twice by humans (the cats have staked claim to this piece of furniture and sleep on it every day) so it would be like getting a brand new sofa for the family room! Only problem is that I really like the "old" sofa in the family room. It has definitely seen better days but it is soooo comfortable and I am not really a fan of leather furniture.

On the flip side, getting the sofa out of my sewing room will give me so much more space!! This will also give me enough room to set up a corner table for my daughter who loves to come in and work on her own paper crafts while I am sewing. I think I have my husband convinced that this is the best thing to do, hopefully, I'll be rearranging my sewing room this weekend!