Saturday, December 15, 2012

3 Reasons You Should Consider Logo Wear

There are many reasons you should consider logo wear for your business.  If this is something you've considered but can't decide if you should move forward with the idea, here are three reasons to get started now!

1. Unity
2. Advertising
3. Recognition

Companies tend to run the smoothest when everyone feels like a part of the team.  Logo wear helps reinforce the team concept.  It also presents a unified look to the rest of the world.  It's very easy to determine who is a part of the team and who is not.

branded clothing
 Source: ASI Study conducted in 2008
Another great reason to consider logo wear is advertising!  Adding your logo to polo shirts or t-shirts is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising.  The average consumer keeps a promotional shirt for 8 months.  Compared to other forms of advertising (ie, TV, radio, mail, newspaper), promotional items have the lowest cost-per-impression.  Easily recognized logos are likely to stick in a potential customer's mind.  The more the logo is seen, the more it is remembered.  Promotional items, also known as Advertising Specialties, has an average cost of $0.004 per impression.

Although there are many other reasons to include logo wear in your advertising budget, the last reason listed above is recognition.  Logo wear makes a great reward!  Whether your company has just achieved a goal or you want to recognize an employee for years of service or an individual achievement, receiving recognition makes employees feel valued.  You can even give away themed shirts for a company event or at a trade show.

There are many options for logo wear which make it an easy item to include in your budget.  Whether you choose to screen print t-shirts, embroider dressier polos or explore other items, promotional products make a lasting impression with employees, clients and prospective clients!

What creative campaigns have you used in your business to increase your company's brand awareness?

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