Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gourmet Cookie & Treat Fulfillment Program

Gourmet Chocolate Chip / Chocolate Pretzel Combo

Looking for a simple memorable idea to thank your clients for business or referrals?

Check out our new Gourmet Cookie Fulfillment program.  Choose from amazingly fresh baked cookies, gourmet trail mix. chocolate dipped pretzels and much more!  This convenient service is great for
Gift after purchase
Employee recognition
Monthly gift program
Holidays and other special occasions
and much more!

Not only do these treats taste amazing, they are beautifully packaged, sure to impress all your clients!  Choose from our full-color tins customized with your logo or other message, unique tin towers, buckets, individually wrapped cookies with full-color labels and many more options.

Check out our full color catalog here.  Note:  Use listed pricing as a guide, however, we are able to offer even better pricing than what is shown!

Here is how the fulfillment program works:

1.       Place your order for the number of tins (individually wrapped treats are also available) to be used within a 12 month period
2.       Pay for tins and imprinting at time of order (they are stored until needed)
3.       Place orders throughout the year for release of your freshly prepared product (min 5 tins per release)
4.       You pay for product (less prepaid tins and imprinting) plus shipping and drop shipment charges for each release
5.       Orders are shipped within 2-4 business days (Jan-Oct), 4-6 business days (Nov-Dec)

Contact us today and we'll help customize a program that is right for your needs!

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