Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Let's Be Clear! NFL Changes Set the Pace for Event Venues

Even though it's still well over 90's degree most days here in Florida, when the calendar flips to August, I start thinking about Fall and many welcome in football season!

The NFL has outlined a new stadium bag policy which will help increase the flow of fans into the stadium while attempting to keep event attendees safer.  Although the policy has only been announced by the NFL at this point, it wouldn't be uncommon for other venues to follow suit.  View details on the NFL stadium bag policy here.

Clear Tote

What an amazing opportunity!  "Why" you ask.  Let's think about those wonderful reusable shopping totes that most people have at least half a dozen or more in their car or in a hall closet at any given time.  These bags are used over and over again for trips to the store, kids sleepovers or even afternoons at the beach.  Now think of the thousands of fans that will need these new style clear bags when attending football games.  Today it's required by the NFL, tomorrow, youth little league or school plays.

Before heading out to your next event, be sure to contact the venue to see if they have made any changes to their security checks to help prevent having to make an inconvenient trip back to your vehicle!

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