Saturday, April 5, 2014

Merchandise Your Brand

Are you looking for creative affordable solutions to market your brand?  Tired of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on traditional marketing and are unsure if its even working?

Branded merchandise is a great way to thank your current customer base AND get them talking with other people about your amazing service or products.  Imagine each of your customers becoming a brand ambassador for your company.

These items are also great for Facebook contests and other social media giveaways!  If you are scheduled to appear at a conference to host a live event, offer a free tshirt to the first 10 people that arrive and "check in" via Facebook or Foursquare.

Be unique!  There are thousands of items to choose from.  Everything from tshirts and hats to useful technology related gadgets like a card holder that attaches to your phone (shown below).
 Branded merchandise can be an additional revenue stream for your business but is most successful when viewed as a form of advertising.  If you need to ensure you recover the expense tied to these items, work their cost into an upcoming promotion or product launch. 

One of the most important points to consider when merchandising your brand is the quality of the items you choose!  You've worked hard to prove your level of customer service and product quality is top notch, so don't discredit your reputation by giving away items that are poor quality which would leave someone with the wrong impression of your company.

Once you've decided to venture into branded merchandise, be sure to partner with a company that can consistently deliver great customer service and quality products.

At Stitch to My Lue Promotions, LLC, we've developed relationships with manufacturers that have a proven track record in delivering items on time and typically exceeding your expectations.  We take the necessary steps up front by delivering random samples and many times production samples with your logo to ensure your satisfaction.

We view ourselves as a true business partner, our goal is to not only produce the items you've requested but to constantly be aware of new items and consumer trends that would make sense for your business.  We are always looking for new and affordable items that will build your brand through your current customers and prospects.

To schedule a free consultation, contact us today or browse through thousands of ideas here!

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