Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do Promotional Products Really Make a Difference? Part 3

How often are those products seen?

Well, to say thousands of times is correct but is not very descriptive.  Take a look at the picture below.  Each row shows the items with the highest number of impressions on the left to the lowest on the right.  Each row represents different regions around the globe.

Effective Promotional Products
As you can see, in the U.S. bags and caps rank the highest.  Reusable bags are a wonderful and practical way to get your company or organization seen by others.  It's important not to discount other items that may not rank as high as these.  Sometimes, the value in these items is not about the number of impressions with other people, but more about making a connection with the recipient.

Before moving forward with a purchase, it is very important to work with a consultant that has a clear understanding of the goal you are trying to achieve so that they can recommend products that will be most useful to your target audience and will be useful to that audience.

Below I've featured one of the many shapes, sizes, styles and colors of a reusable bag that we carry.  This particular bag is available in many different colors and pricing is as low as $1.29 each for 100 bags!  This is a very affordable way to be seen at trade shows (then all the other vendor material ends up inside the bag!) or around town in grocery stores and malls!

Reusable shopping bag
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