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Top 15 Most Influential People for Online Marketing Strategies

Working from home online can provide an easier life. But it takes dedication and hard work to find online marketing strategies that work. Here are some of Forbes Top 50 Most Influential Social Media experts and some of the reasons they attribute to their success.

Michael Dunlop
In his early teens Michael Dunlop began selling on Ebay. At age 16 he created his own website called Retireat 21. He has since created a few more websites. Click here to view his site or check out his site on boosting traffic fast and read about her amazing online marketing strategies.

Amy Porterfield
Amy's first job out of college was marketing for Harley Davidson. She realized in a meeting one day that the internet was the place to grow a business. So she went to social media with a video camera and created a blog. A year after this she was asked to co-write "Facebook For Dummies." Click here to view her site and read about her amazing online marketing strategies.

Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen Rubin is known as one of Linkedin's 150 most influential people. Her book, "The Happiness Project" is a bestseller. She was Editor-In-Chief of the Yale Law Journal and won the Edgar M. Cullen Prize. Her success comes from having a different approach. click here to view her site

Sean Gardner
Sean Gardner started out enthusiastic and went to work for Apple,Inc. right out of high school. He has helped big corporations with social media like Microsoft and Silicon Valley Bank. Sean also helps non-profit organizations such as World Vision and Save the Children. He was one of the Top 100 Tweeters For Social Good in 2013 and his work has appeared in several magazines. click here to view his site

Jessica Northey
Jessica Northey is one lady who can put together a social media engagement. She is the creator of Country Music Chat and CM chat hashtag. This is the largest hashtag community in the music and entertainment industry. She also created Finger Candy Media. Jessica has been featured on All Access, Full Throttle Country and Nashville Music Guide. click here to view her site

Mari Smith
Mari is one of the worlds leading social media strategists and Facebooks top marketing expert in the world. She is the author of "New Relationship Marketing" and is co-author of " Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day." She was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Small Business People On Twitter by Dun and Bradstreet Credibility. Mari owns and operates a consulting and training agency. click here to view her site

John Paul Auguiar
John Paul fell into social media engagement by accident. His successfule social media marketing came about due to doctors telling him he needed a kidney transplant. So he began looking for anything he could do online to make money. John Paul began with MLM and affiliate marketing. He later started a blog to share his strategy and success with others. He wrote a Twitter Dummy ebook and then created a Blog Consult and Social Media Management Service. He attributes his success to his attitude and approach. click here to view his site

Liz Strauss
Liz Strauss has been said to be one of the most prolific bloggers on Earth. She is the founder of SobCon and the author of She is on the Top 10 Influencer Alive List and has won numerous awards. Liz approaches online marketing by being thoughtful, trustworthy and open-minded. click here to view her site

Warren Whitlock
Warren Whitlock's mission is to help businesses and authors improve results of their online and offline marketing programs. He wrote the bestseller "Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games." He is the also the host of Social media Radio. click here to view his site

Ted Coine
Successfule social media marketing is evident with Ted Coine. He has over 230,000 followers on Twitter. He is the author of "Five-Star Customer Service" and "Spoil 'Em Rotten!" He is also the founder and co CEO of Switch and Shift. click here to view his site

Jeff Bullas
Jeff is a blogger and author. He works with companies to make online presence and brand known. He has been published in the New York Times. Jeff has also won the Social Media Blog Award for 2012 and 2013 and was a finalist in 2010. click here to view his site

Renee Blodgett
Renee is the CEO and founder of Magic Source Media. Her online marketing strategy is to take a personal approach with the customers. Renee has traveled the world and has helped businesses in many countries. She also founded We Blog the World. Click here to view her site and read about her amazing online marketing strategies.

Ted Rubin
Ted's success comes from being enthusiastic, personable and energetic. He is the most followed CMO on Twitter. He is the author of Return On Relationship and says his key for success is identifying with clients. click here to view his site

Eve Mayer
Eve Mayer is the CEO of Social Media Delivered and the author of "The Social Media Business Equation. She attributes her success to focusing on embracing new ideas of social media. CNN ranked her as one of eight top women on Twitter. On social media sites she is known as @Linkedin Queen. click here to view her site

Glen Gilmore
Glen Gilmore is the principal of Gilmore Business Network. He is a senior social media adviser to the Howell marketing professor with Rutgers University. Glen says for success you should seize opportunities of new social media marketing and run with them. click here to view his site

Social media is probably the greatest attribute to businesses today. The opportunities for traffic are endless. Whatever your niche, the sites listed above from the experts will help you become successful.

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