Thursday, January 23, 2014

Success in a Box: Bypassing Office Gatekeepers

The use of 3D or dimensional mailers is one of the hottest new trends surfacing in the marketing sector of business. 3-Dimensional mailers are uniquely crafted packages and envelopes that come in odd sizes and shapes to make them an eye catching novelty, and an effective means of advertising products and services. Anyone receiving one of these attention getting packages is more likely to explore the contents further, allowing businesses to get their messages out to more of their intended target audiences.

Custom design with your business in mind
Dimensional mailers may be designed by business owners to include a specific tailored message on the outside of the package or envelope that will intrigue the recipient and increase the likelihood of considering the initial pitch by wanting to know more about a company that would go to such lengths to promote their products and services.

Imagine if you will, designing a customized mailer that fits in with your intended message, and additionally gives the recipient something novel to think about. Three dimensional mailers are a creative way to burn your company's logo and message into the memories of the target audience.  For example, mailing a USB car charger along with a message that conveys "we will recharge your advertising".

A variety of formats to choose from
There is a wide selection of sizes and shapes for three dimensional mailers available ranging from envelopes to boxes, tubes, hexagonal shapes, trees, and a pop up format. One unique design cleverly mimics a jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing, while another is a lock that contains an offer to obtain the key.

Effectiveness of three dimensional mailers vs traditional mailers
It has been estimated that only about 10% of traditional mailers actually reach the target recipient, while three dimensional mailers report a response rate between 5-50 times higher than traditional formats.

Whether your company is established, or is a new business, this business strategy is sure to increase exposure!

Benefits of three dimensional mailers
The sky is the limit when it comes to getting your business message in the hands of your target audience with three dimensional mailers, and possibly, more eyes will view your message beyond your original intention. If your design is catchy enough, the recipient may decide to share the unique item with friends, family and co-workers. Human nature being what it is, busy people are not as apt to spend their time reading generic advertisements, but may be amused by a novel idea, and perhaps even impressed. Something that is new and unique helps to break up a busy work day, and we all enjoy a breath of fresh air from time to time. The psychological value of this new advertising technique is nothing short of genius.

If you have additional questions on 3-dimensional mailers, or would like to develop a campaign for your company, send us an email or give us a call.  We are happy to help!

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