Sunday, October 6, 2013

Will You Be Remembered?

I recently read an article on how attending conferences and expos is a lot like adult trick or treating.  This made me laugh but I also thought it is quite true!

With over 300,000 different imprinted promotional products to choose from the possibilities are endless!!  So there are no shortage of ways to provide a memorable giveaway item!

Don't just stick a business card or brochure into an event SWAG bag or pass out from your booth or table.  Have fun and get creative!!

There are several things to consider when planning how to make an impression on someone who has never seen your brand before or to show your appreciation to your most loyal customer.

First, think about what your audience wants and who they are.  Think about what would be useful to them.  If you are exhibiting at a trade show or conference be sure to consider the size and weight of the items you are giving away as many people travel to attend.  A large foam hand might be fun and gain a lot of attention at the trade show but it will likely not make it into the small carry-on for the trip back home, as many prefer to travel light considering the soaring baggage fees!

Why should you consider a giveaway or SWAG bag?  Here are a few thoughts:

  • These items builds your company brand
  • They increase client loyalty and retention
  • They make the client or prospect feel appreciated
  • Provide something useful and they will keep coming back
  • Useful items tend to be passed on as opposed to ending up in a landfill
  • Increases business referrals
  • The most cost effective cost per impression you'll find anywhere
  • Its fun to give!
Not all giveaways are created equal!  I understand that budgets can be tight.  Instead of purchasing the most inexpensive item and possibly risking your companies reputation, you might consider purchasing a low quantity, highly visible type of item, like a custom tshirt or tote bag.  These items can be given to your loyal customers to wear or carry at an event.  Your client will feel appreciated and want to help and you'll gain more visibility!

Here are a few specific examples of good SWAG vs bad SWAG:

Good SWAG: Useful office items like a 2GB flash drive or moleskin padfolio

Bad SWAG:  Low quality, inexpensive pens that stop working after their 5th use (sends the wrong message about your company and its view on quality!)

Good SWAG:  Quality shirts with a subtle imprint on sleeve or crest available in various sizes

Bad SWAG:  Business cards and folders of literature (heavy to carry and likely won't make the trip home!)

Good SWAG:  Bookmark with a stylish design or motivational message along with your company website

Bad SWAG: Anything cheap! (again, don't risk your companies reputation!)

Most importantly, many times, as a registered vendor, you have access to the attendee roster.  This makes follow up much easier!  Be sure to reach out to all attendees of the event via email and phone to see if they have any additional questions about your products or services or maybe even ask to schedule a follow up meeting.  Using your giveaway as a memory trigger will also help you stand out in a prospects mind.  Asking if they've found the credit card sized flash drive convenient to use and easy to carry will stick out more than the 1 of a dozen business cards received!

Leave a comment below with your favorite or most memorable item received.

If you are considering a giveaway or will be exhibiting in a trade show or conference, contact us today and we'll help you make the right impression and be remembered!

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