Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Determine Your Advertising Budget

While doing research on the "right" amount of money to set aside for a marketing budget,  I found this great article on  This information would be helpful for my own business and might come in handy when discussing budgets with my clients.  (A free spreadsheet is offered below.)

As you might suspect, there are no shortage of theories to apply to this one concept.  I decided to use the explanation and calculations given in the article.  It seemed to be well thought out and followed a simple 3 step formula.  Being the Excel geek I am, I had to create a spreadsheet.  This makes it easy to play around with different scenarios and will be a useful tool while having the same discussions with my clients.

One of the interesting points in the calculation is how your annual cost of occupancy, or rent, is used in the equation.  Read the entire article here and leave a comment below with your thoughts on this calculation or the items you consider when setting your advertising budget.

If you would like to download a free copy of the spreadsheet I created based on the formula discussed in the article, enter your email address below:

Please note, this spreadsheet is not affiliated with or the author of the article, it was created for my own personal use.  The calculations and assumptions used in the spreadsheet are just one of the many ways to consider setting an advertising budget.

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