Monday, February 10, 2014

Vector Art: What It Is and Why We Need It

The secret to a great looking logo on promotional items or screen printed tshirts is all in the art.  Many images are developed for web use which typically require a JPG or bitmap (BMP) style image.  These images are stored as a series of dots, called pixels.  When you zoom into the image, you can see the individual pixels that create the image. 

When these images are being used to create screen printed items such as tshirts, tote bags or other promotional items a vector format is required.  Vector images are composed of paths, or lines, that are either straight or curved which allow for a much cleaner and smoother printed image because they are are not made of pixels.  Vector images can also be scaled to any size without concern of the image becoming "blocky" or pixelated in appearance.

When you start working on your promotional item projects be sure to verify art requirements before submitting proof approval to avoid any disappointments in the final production of your items.  Requirements do vary depending on what type of product you are imprinting and the method of printing that will be used.

We have a team of graphic artists available to work with virtually any image (JPG or even hand drawn image) to prepare the file for use in screen printing, promotional items and embroidered images.  This service is available for a minimal cost.  We keep all art on file for future projects so you don't have to worry about keeping track of the correct file formats!

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